About Us

Dickson Dusanj & Wirk is a trusted accounting firm in Victoria, BC for over 35 years, providing financial expertise and creative business advice.

Our approach to working with clients is hands on. As a true accounting firm, our partners are very involved and with an experienced staff that means that every client receives the careful and knowledgeable service they deserve.

We provide not only core services such as audit, accounting, income tax advice and income tax filing, but also strategic tax and business planning services for companies, organizations and individuals.

We think of ourselves as partners in our clients’ success, and focus on building strong, enduring relationships that help them achieve their goals.

As an approved chartered professional accountant training office, we provide individualized, on-the-job training for some of the brightest, most capable students around. This not only keeps us sharp, but also helps build an environment of continuous growth and learning that benefits everyone on the team – and every one of our clients.