Tax Planning

Our professional tax advice focuses on finding the best advantage for each client. Partners at Dickson Dusanj & Wirk are very involved in this process, so that every client benefits from the highest level of training and expertise.

Our firm closely monitors the latest federal and provincial tax legislations to identify potential issues and advantages for our clients. We continually invest in our team's tax education to ensure that we are always on top of new tax developments that may affect our clients' business. 


As well as preparing corporate tax returns, we suggest best-practice solutions designed to minimize tax payments while still achieving business and personal goals. Our broad range of planning services includes family succession plans, corporate reorganizations, including successions, mergers, and acquisitions, and income splitting strategies.


We offer personal tax planning services to ensure individuals are benefiting from all available deductions and tax credits as well as tax planning opportunities. We also prepare United States returns for residents and citizens of the USA.

Estate and Trust returns

This involved area of tax is one of our fields of expertise. In the event of a death, we can help prepare the final tax return and estate trust returns, ensuring the smooth and swift settling of estates, and minimizing taxes.

Estate Planning 

Estate plans are required to ensure that your personal wealth is preserved and passed on to future generations. Estate planning is important for those who have significant assets owned personally as well as those who own companies. By establishing an estate plan early on our clients have significantly reduced the future income taxes owing by their estate as well as reducing probate fees and other related costs.

Estate plans may include the creation of a family trust, holding company, alter-ego trust and spousal trust.

Scientific Research and Development Credit Claims

If your business includes a scientific research and development component, we can help you take advantage of significant tax credits available from both federal and provincial governments. We can simplify the complex application process, and ensure that you are receiving the refund credits to which you are entitled.